Thursday, December 1, 2011

TOR Beta Impressions

My original plan for the Thanksgiving day beta test was to try out multiple classes and get a feel for all of them. That plan fell by the wayside the moment I started playing my Sith Inquisitor. The flow of the story and the sheer fun of gameplay caused me to play my Sith Inquisitor all the way to level 26. I was online 10 minutes before the servers shut down because I was trying to complete my class story for Tatooine. TOR is shaping up to be a highly addictive and excellent game. The little touches (area looting, crew skills, companion missions) are what make the game engaging and give it a "can't put it down" quality.

Ryan Hanenburg is channeling his UNLIMITED POWER!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim has released to rave reviews. The newest installment in the Elder Scrolls series boasts hundreds of hours of entertainment and a persistent world where quests are generated infinitely. Time will tell if these claims prove true but after playing for about 3 hours I can tell you that so far the praise is definitely warranted.

Ryan Hanenburg is shouting at dragons

DC Universe Online goes F2P

DC Universe Online has officially gone Free To Play. Free players are limited to 2 character slots but more can be purchased. In addition any DLC packs (such as the Green Lantern powers) must be purchased individually unless you sign up for a monthly fee.

Ryan Hanenburg thinks Superspeed is the best travel power

Friday, November 4, 2011

Judge beats his daughter for downloading games

Texas judge William Adams is on the internet, unfortunately he's on camera beating his daughter with a belt. Allegedly Judge Adams was beating his daughter for illegally downloading video games and music from the internet. The video was posted to Reddit supposedly by the daughter and within minutes it was sent to the authorities. Judge Adams has been quoted by saying that the footage is "not as bad as it looks" however it should be noted that he does not deny that the footage is true.

If you wish you can see the video here but be warned that it is extremely graphic.

Ryan Hanenburg is extremely disgusted with this man and hopes that he is never allowed to pass judgement on anyone ever again.

Grand Theft Auto 5

On November 2 Rockstar unveiled the trailer for the newest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. The trailer shows that it will be set in the California inspired location of Los Santos once more (the last time we saw this location was in GTA: San Andreas.) Check it out at

Ryan Hanenburg is torn between Saints Row and GTA

Friday, October 28, 2011


This weeks Friday update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is an update on the Warzones available for PvP. The highlight is the Voidstar where players must battle for control of an ancient warship. The attackers must use demolition charges to blow open doors and the defenders can access the defense systems of the ship to discourage attackers. It looks to be a new take on base capture mechanics and it looks like it'll be tons of fun! Check it out at or at

Ryan Hanenburg is never called a Space Cowboy.

SWTOR Classes

Here's a YouTube video of me commentating on the various classes of Star Wars: The Old Republic

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